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A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.  -Karl Kraus


Submission Guidelines

Halflit Authors

Projects serves a dual purpose for those who write literature and for those who read it. For readers, it is a place to expect a change in pace from the standard fare, whether you find your standard fare on the shelf or on the internet.

For writers, offers a unique venue associated with others of like minds and talents, rather than a faceless and advertisement-laden conglomerate of millions. Along with web-space to style as one likes and showcase their work in the way that suits them moment to moment, members will have access to a growing collection of resources to support their work and the pursuit of publication. Moreover, the community is fertile ground for the development of the individuals within it through workshop, camaraderie, and the exchange of ideas and support.

If you are visiting for the latter purpose, as a writer, then let us discuss a little more what we are interested in bringing into our particular community. is a domain for writers. Members of are serious about writing, about constantly improving, about eventually seeking publication (or, perhaps, they already are). Websites hosted by are spaces that primarily showcase original work. If you are interested in having webspace at our domain, it is provided free of cost, but it should be restricted to a primary front-and-center displaycase for original writing. If your primary interest is in a journal, a directory of fanfiction, or a site for visual art, is not the place for you, but I'm sure that there are many other communities on the internet that would suit your needs.

There are no restrictions on what form your site should take, but it should be well-maintained, friendly to the current versions of the major browsers, and in good taste.

You must be over 18 years of age. I'm not going to conduct a background check for proof, but if I have overt reason to suspect you're a minor, you either are, or you're not the kind of personality that is going to mesh well with the community here.

I cannot stress enough that your work must be original. It must belong entirely to you. Furthermore, while the exploration of many kinds of themes and characters are appropriate and encouraged in fictional works, no material that promotes hate, discrimination, or illegal activity will be tolerated.

All submissions will be reviewed by members of the community in order to determine acceptance. I reserve the right, as the webmistress, to restrict access to the members' area of the site, and take down a hosted website, as determined as my discretion.

All writing found on is the sole property of its respective author and should under no circumstances be reproduced or claimed elsewhere without the express permission of that individual.