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A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.  -Karl Kraus


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Preludes:: Marie Raven, Halflit administrator Crows, has been writing since she was a child. She grew up in Alaska, in a house brimming with books and musical instruments, a father who was writing a novel, and a mother who owned a toystore. Having developed a deep love for many diverse kinds of music and literature, she studies voice and works hard to develop as an author. She founded the domain in 2008 to give a home to writers who were looking for a different, more personal kind of writing community and hopes that Halflit will continue to grow and provide lots of useful community, resources, support, and devopment to its members, present and future. In addition to work shown online, she freelances for a toy industry trade magazine, and has had a short story published in an anthology called Touched By Wonder from Meadowhawk Press.

Jackie Gamber:: Jackie's short works have been published in various venues including MindFlights Magazine and Bewildering Stories, and has been featured in anthologies including Tales of Fantasy (Kerlak, 2007). She also has a fantasy novel, Redheart, projected for publication in summer 2008. Jackie is also partner and Executive Editor of a small publisher, Meadowhawk Press, for whom she edited the anthology Touched By Wonder. The anthology is a benefit for Breast Cancer Research, which includes such award-winning authors as David Walton, Steven Savile and N.A. Bourke. Meadowhawk Press has also launched an SF-Thriller and YA Fantasy novel, with more exciting releases to come.

Doug Ordunio:: The life of Doug Ordunio, Halflit user Blisswhips, has been filled with music.  Born in Glendale, California in 1950 he attended Glendale College and Cal State Northridge majoring in composition and voice.  When he left college in 1973, he was hired by radio station KFAC, which had been the primary commercial classical music station in Los Angeles for nearly 50 years.  He was soon made FM Programmer and in 1978 he joined the prestigious announcing staff.  During this time he was also a professional singer in the Los Angeles area, performing with many ensembles including the Duke Ellington Band (before Ellington died), the New York City Opera and the Greek Theater Opera.  He was heard for 12 years around the world as the host of the classical music program for Armed Forces Radio.  In 1989 he joined the production staff of AEI Inflight, producing hundreds of audio programs for commercial airlines.  Throughout his career he has been known for creating unusual and provocative musical programs which challenge and intrigue the listener.  Since 1998 he has been the producer of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Romantic Hours, hosted by Mona Golabek.  He has authored several books as well as a number of short stories and poems.

Ink:: Ian Grant Armstrong, Halflit user HelixNine, made his first attempt at writing a novel at the age of ten years. Sadly, it wasn't terribly good. He's improved significantly since then, however, and now spends a great deal of his time not-completing perfectly good pieces of fiction. Raised between homes in Australia and New Mexico (with lots of side trips), Ian has a great breadth of experience upon which to draw in his writing. At the moment, Ian is in the middle of writing approximately 175 pieces of fiction. Someday, he may finish one.