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Opulent Decay

By HungryWeasel

Opulent Decay

Was a time when freedom and imagination
Were all the wealth you'd need.
Mighty steed he rode, was once a broom.
That dragon used to be a tree.

The dress you wore magnificent, 
your kingdom bowed with button eyes.
You've overthrown the jealous queen,
Pouring tea from a pot that never ran dry.

Opulent decay set in,
real gold turned to dreams.
All the wealth you buy yourself
Won't buy back what it Means.

Bowing down now to the mighty pound, 
The dollar Became the jealous Queen.
No time left for slaying dragons,
Gotta make rent this week.
You gave your gold tiara for a platinum master card,
He pushed the broom to trade his steed in for
Seven years of payments on a brand new car


You've worked hard to raise your kingdom,
But only in glaring reality.
Spend all your wealth to get back what freedom that used to be free.
The pills you buy can help to keep the stressing sores at bay.
You sold your soul for opulence
Now all you got left is decay.